Friday, December 26, 2008

Please say a prayer...

Sorry, not a post about Anna, but I can't seem to get Ramee and her family out of my mind today....

For most of you from the Concordia Parish area you know Wayne and Ramee Thompson. Ramee and I worked for the same bank, although never at the same time. I remember her working there long before I dreamed of working and later met her and got to know her through our good friend Carolyn Hinson, who we all dearly loved. Tyler Thompson is their son and has been fighting cancer for a few years now. I got a chance to officially meet Tyler while he was in remission and going back to college last year...I keep up with his blog on Caring Bridge and saw that he needed furniture. I had just sold my house and needed to get rid of some and he gladly took it. While still at the bank I received the nicest thank you card from him and one from his mom. From time to time I stop in to check his blog, well I have been slacking lately and logged in last night to find that they were putting him on the ventilator. Things have been critical today according to the blog, please say a prayer for them. You can view their blog at and under visit a site type in tylerthompson all together and it will take you to his page.

Thanks :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

6 Weeks To Go!!

Yesterday we went for our last monthly appointment! Anna weighs 4 pounds and 1 ounce and looks like her daddy! She has Daniel's cheeks and unfortunately has my forehead and chin, or so it looks that way in the 4-D ultrasound. Dr. Kumi says everything looks fine and that he will induce me two weeks before my due date...which means we now only have 6 whole weeks until Miss Priss is here!!! And he says that as of yesterday her expected birth weight is seven pounds two ounces!

While we were gone yesterday to Vidalia, Daniel's dad came over and finished painting her looks amazing! He did such a great job!! Hopefully this week we can get Anna's crib up and start getting everything finished. We are going to use the crib that was Daniel's when he was a baby...I just can't wait to get it all together!

We go back on January 5th for our first two week visit...and have to finish the pre-registration at the hospital while we are in town. Thankfully Ms. Angel called me and took as much information as she could over the phone so that will save us tons of time!

We have so much to do this week...Daniel's family is in town this week and my family will be here for a few hours tomorrow to do Christmas with us...but as soon as I can get an afternoon or night to go sit at Daniel's parents house and play with the scanner over there, I promise then I will have tons of pictures of our little angel up! I also need to do a post so everyone can meet Anna's fur sister, Clingy. Clingy is our kitten who has no idea what so ever that she is a cat...and we are not too sure just how she is going to react to Anna coming home...well actually I don't think she will mind the baby, it will be the sharing her mommy and daddy that she has major issues with!! Lots more on Clingy now...right now her favorite spot has been in the Christmas tree...our poor tree will be retired after this year! More on her later... :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Quiz

1. Where will you spend Christmas this year?
Not sure exactly how it will all work out, lots of traveling and lots of houses...Christmas morning is spent at Daniel's parents house with his parents and brothers and that night is also at his parent's house with his Dad's side of the family...I think Christmas eve is our only problem right now...its always been the day my family does all of our Christmas but it is also the day of his grandmothers Christmas...we are trying to work out something so we can spend more time with my will all work out in the end :)

2. What is Santa (hopefully) bringing you?
If I sit here and wait on Santa I will be waiting for a long long long time...haha

3. How do you celebrate Christmas Eve?
See #1

4. What Christmas activities are you looking forward to this year?
Meeting more of Daniel's family, spending time with my family

5. What is your typical Christmas Day dinner?
Daddy grills rib-eyes

6. What is your typical Christmas Eve meal?
nothing set in stone...

7. Is your Santa Claus wrapped or unwrapped?
well my family wraps...does that count?

8. How do you decorate for Christmas?
Normally I love it...this year I don't even have a tree up yet...all of my stuff is still in Vidalia...

9. Fake tree or live tree?
fake only...a live one kills me

10. White lights or colored lights?
both...I change it up from year to year

11. Favorite Christmas song?
Mary did you know?, All I want for Christmas

12. Favorite Christmas memory?
Every Christmas with my nanny

13. Do you love Christmas or just pretend to?
I do love it, just hate what people have made it into. It's not all about who gets what present and people don't see that anymore.

14. Egg nog or hot chocolate?
Hot chocolate

15. Colored lights or white? See #10

16. What kind of cookies do you leave Santa?
I don't
Cookies do not last in my house....ever

17. Favorite Christmas gift of all time?
Not sure I have a favorite...I have loved them all!

18. What tops your tree?
no tree at the moment...

19. Favorite Christmas movie?
Right now the Santa Clause movies...I have watched them a few times on tv already this year

20. Favorite ornament?
My first christmas ornament...which I need to find

21. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?
Always open everything that day

22. Worst Christmas gift ever received?
not even going there

23. Are you still buying presents on Christmas Eve?
most likely

24. Most annoying thing about the Christmas season?
rude people in the stores and the lines

25. Favorite thing about the Christmas season?
I love to ride and look at the lights around town...spending time with our families
I have so much to catch up on!! The above picture was taken on November 24, at what I thought was just my birthday supper...little did I know that everyone was showing up that night because they ALL knew that Daniel was going to propose to me! For a few weeks before this night, Daniel had been bringing up different things about us getting married but I never knew what it was leading to. I knew that we decided this was something that we would talk about after the baby got here in 2009, and I never caught on to the first hint he dropped, not even the one as we were turning in to the mall parking lot that night.

We went to Vidalia on the 23rd of November so I could see my family and some of my friends for my birthday. While I was sitting inside my parents house with my mom, sister, my friends Crissy and Stephanie, Daniel slipped outside to talk to my daddy. I just assumed we had finally got on his nerves with our laughing and loud talking, little did I know that he was asking my daddy if he could marry me! He also got my mom to walk out on the back porch at one point in the evening so he could have the chance to tell her...he had originally planned all of this to happen at Thanksgiving but at the last minute decided to do it on my birthday.

We stayed in Natchez on the night of the 23rd and that night in the hotel Daniel even told me that he and my dad talked about us getting married...still, not once did I put all of this together! We had our 6 month appointment with Dr. Kumi on my birthday and I also had to do the dreaded glucose test which evidently came out ok since I haven't heard otherwise from the doctor's office. I think it was sometime that morning that he told all of his family that he had decided to ask me that night and give them all the details of where we would be eating at when we got back to town that evening, some of this going on while I am sitting right next to him...I really think pregnancy has killed my brain!!!

About two weeks before all of this is when Daniel had decided that he did want to marry he told his parents first. One day while we were home his mom called me to tell me that she was out shopping and needed my sizes on everything, even my ring size...none of this seemed odd to me because if you know her, you know she loves to shop!!

We made it back to Monroe early so I could get a much needed highlight and haircut...during this time Daniel was out getting a card for me that night to open right before he proposed. At supper that night we had been through the salads and right before our food arrived he kept asking me if I was ready to open my presents..I thought it was odd that by this time he was really in a rush for me to open them (not like him at all) and his reason was he didn't want me to drop food on my shirt because he knew they would be taking pictures (which seemed odd that he was saying this), so I opened presents from everyone and then I got to his card. The card was solid black and had silver writing on the outside that had "Elegant, Classic, Beautiful..." and on the inside said "you" then below it "Happy Birthday" He then wrote "I told you this was going to be the best birthday ever: Your 24th Birthday, 6 months pregnant with Anna, 7 month Anniversary for us and the most important" and at the bottom there was an arrow pointing to turn the paper on the inside over to the next page and it said "Will you marry me?" All I saw was "marry me" and I think I dropped the this time he was down on one knee with a ring box open...I literally quit breathing! Finally he stood up, patted me and told me to breathe and then on the video you hear him say "Well, will you???" Poor thing!! I had never said yes until then...I was still trying to breathe!! I noticed something was up when I got to the last box before the proposal when I looked up and his brother had his cell phone out like he was waiting on something...I was almost scared to keep going...LOL From that moment on everything just clicked...all the past conversations in the last few weeks now made perfect sense to me!! In the video (which I don't have yet), if you listen without sound it looks as if my mom is so excited while she is talking that she is about to fly away...she was talking with her hands...HA! We were both so in shock or some other state that we never touched our food...we brought it all home...and that is not like either one of us!! No date set...all we know is that he wants to get married in front of his parents house during cool maybe next fall...

This is (L to R front) Ms. Diane (Daniel's mom), Me, and on the back behind me (L to R) Lacy (his sister in law) and Krystal (his future sister in law)...taken at Thanksgiving.

Me and My prince charming :)
As far as the baby...she weighed 2 pounds and 6 ounces at our last visit. We go back December 22 for our last monthly appointment with Dr. Kumi and then we start to go every 2 weeks! Time is flying by! I can't wait to get her room painted and the best part of it all is that Ms. Diane got Daniel's baby bed back and we are going to use it for Anna!! Anna is moving around a lot more...especially loves to touch my belly button which is also my most ticklish spot, sleep in a ball on my left side...which feels really weird for me, and is pretty much in a routine now by moving at the same times everyday...she is very active in the late afternoon and late at night when I first go to takes us forever to get situated in bed and then about the time you get to sleep good you have to get up to go to the bathroom!! It's not too bad right now, normally I can sleep till around 4 a.m. before I have to get up. My snoring is awful, I snored before I was pregnant, but now it is just horrible...poor Daniel is a trooper with it!! Daniel says I have sudden out bursts of laughing/giggling in my sleep...I never remember it so I guess either I am dreaming or either Anna has found my belly button again!
We have so much to do this month that I know it will fly by so fast. This coming weekend we are going to New Orleans to watch West Monroe in the State Championship game (hope I got all of that correct!)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So much to write about...

....and I want to post pictures and a video if I can figure out how when I do catch up my blog!

*I take all 3 of my finals tomorrow afternoon and then I am finished with school until at least next fall!

*Anna will be here in less than 80 days!!! Wow!!

*I can't wait to tell the story of Daniel totally surprising me and proposing to me on my birthday in front of all of our family...truly the best day ever!! (we have it on is so funny!!)

*I have to finish my final homework assignments before I "get caught playing on the blog" as Daniel calls it...LOL

Denise :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Things I Do Not Want To Forget!

So I have been thinking that I have not made a list of things that I have experienced...good and bad...about being pregnant. I never really asked my mom much about when she was pregnant until I became pregnant, and now she remembers some but mostly I get "I really don't remember"...LOL She does remember being sick every single day, not liking my daddy, not liking her beloved coffee or diet coke and not wanting to smoke back then. She also remembers that at the hospital after my birth she put my diaper on wrong, with the plastic side to my skin and then after looking at me for a while decided it just didn't look right! I guess I was the experimental child...and I turned out just fine, or at least I think so! HA! So back to my purpose of this blog, it is just random thoughts that I am going to write as they come to me tonight about my journey so far. In case you didn't notice the counter, today we are exactly 100 days away from our due date!! She will be here before we know it!!

  • The night I found out I was pregnant I couldn't get Daniel to answer his phone (ok, so it was after midnight) I decided to take the home pregnancy test around midnight and not wait until first thing that was like the box was just sitting there screaming "take the test now" I did...and almost fell off the toilet when it immediately showed pregnant in the digital window!! I called Daniel several times and finally left him a voice mail or text (can't remember which) and told him he needed to call me ASAP. He finally called me a little before five that morning and for some reason I was scared to tell him, all the feelings of I want to tell him right this minute left and I almost never got the words "I'm pregnant" out of my mouth!! I think I finally said something like "I have something to tell you but I'm not sure if you are going to think it is good or bad news...and then I had a long pause while he is saying "just tell me" I did and he says he sat straight up in the about an early morning wake up call huh? He asked was I sure and I told him that the test said so but that I did have another one and I took it while I was on the phone with him and sure enough the results were the same as the first. He told his parents early that morning and I told my mom later on that day and she called to tell my dad who was out of town working.
  • We saw Dr. Kumi for the first time on July 2, 2008 There has never been a doubt in my mind that I wanted to use him as my doctor, he has been great and I am still going to drive the two hours back to Natchez to deliver! We were not able to see a heartbeat so he had us to come back on July 15, 2008 to make sure everything was ok. On that first appointment we got the ultrasound pictures and it just looked like a little circle...and that is where the name "The Italian Seed" came from, Daniel has called her that since that very day!
  • Before I moved to West Monroe, Daniel would drive all the way to Natchez for our appointments and most days he had to leave as soon as they were over, which means about 4 hours total driving time, but it meant the world to me that he was able to come with me and take part of this journey of watching our baby grow!
  • My favorite doctors appointment has been when Dr. Kumi told us we were having a girl. On our way to Natchez Daniel and I were talking and out of no where he said "I kinda hope it is a girl", which is something I totally didn't expect to hear from h im, after all, he does have three brothers, and one of his brothers has a son so I assumed he would want a boy as well (and it is what everyone thought we would have). He kept asking Dr. Kumi "are you sure it is a girl??" Finally Dr. Kumi said, "yes, as serious as a heart attack gets"...Daniel just jumped up and down. From that point on he was ready for the ultrasound and appointment to just be over with so he could call his family and tell them! He called his mom at work to tell her first and I called my daddy first because he was the one that has said it would be a girl from the very first day.
  • Each time we go to the doctor I always ask "is it still a girl" (we get an ultrasound at each appointment), I guess I am just terrified of painting everything pink and purple and having to bring a boy home!! HA!
  • In the early part of June, I was planning on going on vacation with my friends Michael and Ann Burley and their two kids Rex and Bailey to Florida, which would have also been my first time to see the beach! Well I had this "stomach virus" that wouldn't go away. I had went back to work part time at the bank in Vidalia to help them while they were short handed and I got so sick one afternoon I had to call my sister to come pick me up. I would get better by each night but the mornings would roll around and that "stomach bug" would flare up full force again! I would sleep until lunch time, take my time getting around and then finally start feeling somewhat human again! I wasn't sure if you could catch the flu in June but I was convinced I had something horrible!! My sister ended up going on the beach trip for me and Ann's dad told her nothing was wrong I was just pregnant...Ann laughed and told her no way, that they had done told me that most likely would never happen...little did we all know that Mr. Carr was right!!
  • Pork chops and bacon have always been one of my favorite foods. Until recently, like in the last month, I haven't been able to stomach the smell of bacon and I still can't handle the smell of pork chops!
  • My taste buds have changed, I think it is way too many things to list them all but some of my favorites have been: rice crispy treats, oranges, BBQ West in West Monroe, Taco Bell nachos, sweet tea and ice cold water...just to name my top favorites
  • My parents/sister have two cats at their house, Sassie (the devil) and Boo (the old paw paw). Sassie is like a snake, she attacks and goes to matter who you are, she must love the taste of blood b/c she sure brings it out on a lot of people. Ever since I have known I was pregnant (and even before now that I think of it) Sassie has kneaded my stomach and loved to lay on me any chance I sit down. Last night when I got to Vidalia she immediately got in my lap when I sat down and even slept on my stomach while I napped in Daddy's recliner for a few hours :)
  • I wish I would have wrote down the day I felt Anna kick for the first time, but to be a 100% honest with you...I wasn't sure if I was first having gas pains or if it was indeed her kicking. But now there is no doubt in my mind when she kicks, currently her favorite place to kick is also one of my most ticklish, my belly button. In the last week I have been able to tell that she has grown, well at least I guess she has, but in stead of just kicks I feel a turning feeling and I might add it is the coolest feeling in the world to be able to feel her move.
  • I can't wait for Daniel to be able to feel her. It is hard for me to tell if what I feel on the outside is real or did I just feel it from the inside and thought I felt it b/c my hand was there. But I can guarantee you each time I want Daniel to feel and put his hand on my stomach and say feel her, she stops like she wasn't doing a thing! She definitely has a mind of her own like her momma!! HA!!
  • Anna is most active in the afternoons before I eat lunch and then about an hour or so afterwards and then either she is calm or I am just to focused to know that she is moving while I am working since the afternoons are normally my busiest time. Some nights I love to lay in the bed on my back, once I get still in one position for a while and place my hands on my stomach and kinda press in around my belly she will get mad at me and really start moving!
  • I am so glad Ms. Diane loves to shop, because one thing that I lost when I got pregnant was my energy...not saying I had a ton before, but it is all gone now. I think I would be quite content if I could just sleep for the next three months...and yes, I know I can just keep on dreaming! Ms. Diane has bought so much already, and I'm going to try and hold off until after Christmas before I buy anything...TRY is the key word there!! Ms. Diane is even way ahead of the game, she already has Anna's crib set up and ready to go at her house!! I'm sure in the next month or so we will begin to get ours all together!
  • So far I have several LSU onezies that Ann Burley gave us in those first few weeks of pregnancy and two LSU dresses I bought at the flea market during the Balloon Festival Weekend in Natchez...they are adorable! Ann also gave me her baby monitors today, they are awesome...I am just praying now that I will not be such a dead sleeper like I am now so that I will hear her!! Daniel says he is sure the monitor will be on his side of the bed and not mine!!
  • I don't know my exact weight gain (only b/c I can't remember it) but I think I have only gained 9 pounds so far. I go back on my birthday on the 24th of this month and I have a good feeling I will reach over and beyond that 10 pound mark! HA HA!
  • Oh, did I mention I can't remember anything...its really frustrating trying to hold a conversation at times...I have always been a little on the scatter brained side, but now I think I have no brains left at all!!
  • And I'm not sure if I have said this enough but I am so thankful for Daniel. I couldn't ask for a better man!! He will eat anything I cook and tell me its good, even if its not...and he normally will eat it until its gone b/c he will not throw anything out! HA! He doesn't like to shop, correction, he does not shop for his clothes and is not picky about what I buy him to wear, he even wore a pink shirt this week and looked mighty handsome in it too!! (The ladies at Rays Pee Gee's thought so too!! HA!) If I don't feel like cleaning (which has been more now than ever) he doesn't complain. He will do laundry, including the folding and putting it all up too! He lets me cry, complain and gripe and doesn't fuss, and he is normally what it takes to calm me and these outrageous hormones of mine down, some how or another he always convinces me it is going to be ok, and he is pretty much right each time! I know I have been on his last nerve and beyond it many times and where some men would have walked out he has stood there by me and dealt with it all! I couldn't ask for anyone better to love or to be loved by and I am so lucky that I know without a doubt he will always be there for Anna and I. He has felt her move once (we think it was her and not and he already loves her as much as I do...I know sometimes they say it takes a dad seeing the baby to get in the Dad mode, not Daniel, he is in full swing and is just as excited as I am to see this little miracle growing in me!

I didn't get near as much done on the blog as I wanted, and I am sure I will have another rambling post again soon as I think of things (and hopefully don't forget them)!

So enjoy this for now!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Look...

I was reading Brittney's blog today and saw she had added a background to hers. I saw the link and decided to see what I could do...I'm not quite sure if I like it yet but I'm going to leave it for a few days to see if it is what I really want before I change it! I also added a few new things on the side...the followers link being one...I'm just figuring that one out!

I'm going to Vidalia for the weekend...maybe I'll have time to write more while I'm there!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Update Time...

Well our Houston trip was fun, I was sick with a cold for most of the trip so I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I wanted to but we still had a good time! It was strange to think that this was our last trip there with out a baby! I only took a few pictures...I have decided that I do not like the camera I have and hope that I can get another one before Anna arrives. I can't seem to get the settings right anymore...maybe Santa will bring me one...HA!!!

We are officially in our new house...its awesome having space to move around now! Daniel said it was nice that we could eat in the same room without having to sit side by side touching! Clingy, our cat, is back to her normal self after being a little skiddish of the new house. Poor Daniel had to endure the trip with her in a cat carrier from our old house to the new one...she wailed louder than I have ever heard an animal before! Daniel's parents gave us a king size memory foam bed...I'm not sure what we love about it the most yet...either the space we have or how comfortable it is! We went from sleeping on a full size so you know we really appreciate the new bed!!

Daniel has done an awesome job at moving us, he did all of the packing and moving, so now its my turn to do all of the unpacking! I can't thank him enough for what he has done. I guess another box of chocolate covered cherries from Tummy Yummy wouldn't hurt...ha! My parents also came in, my mom spent about 3 hours on her hands and knees scrubbing base boards, cleaning out kitchen cabinets and bleaching our kitchen floor and cleaning out our frig...the house was so filthy. The lady we bought the house from had a blind poodle when we looked at it...our newest joke about it is that she must have been blind too because she sure didn't clean! I spent about 2 hours cleaning our master bathroom and bedroom and was amazed at how someone could live in something that dirty! That kind of filth just doesn't happen overnight. My dad came in Saturday evening and helped Daniel set up our washer and dryer and worked on our tub that we discovered wouldn't drain completely. Daddy also went to Home Depot and bought us a huge set of tools and all kinds of other goodies!! Daniel's mom spent all day Saturday cleaning our carpets with a rug doctor...again, I was amazed at how dirty they were...some places she had to go over twice!! Daniel's dad has painted our entire house and will paint Anna's nursery soon after he does some repairs on it! I speak for Daniel when I say we can't thank our parents enough for what all they have done for us, we are truly blessed to have them!!

We still have a long way to go in our house...curtains and blinds being at the top of my list this week! We are going to Vidalia tonight so I can vote and bring some things back...just the important things like my tv, my are having our cable, phone and internet hooked up tomorrow...I have been without internet since August and I am sure I will not know how to act once we finally have it!!!! I can't wait!!

Once we are more settled in the house and I am back to working on my computer I will be able to upload more pictures and hopefully blog more!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

So I am way behind...

I keep meaning to blog but I just don't seem to have the time anymore. This Saturday (October 24) we will be exactly 5 months pregnant...time is flying by. Daniel has been awesome...the mood swings are horrible, I cry at the drop of the hat for no reason or just over stupid stuff and he is there to do whatever he can for...all without choking me!! HA! (not saying the thought hasn't crossed his mind a time or two!) We are moving into our new house in about a week...currently our house is about 450-500 square feet, we are a tad bit cramped and can't wait to get out! Have I mentioned that my mind is horrible these days? I can't remember anything, I feel like I got pregnant and became stupid...even the simplest of things I can't drives me nuts too. We are leaving Friday afternoon for a weekend in Houston and Daniel's aunt Linda and uncle Steve's house. I am praying that I get over this cold I have now so I can really enjoy my weekend with Daniel and all of his family! We go to the doctor again on the 27th so I will hopefully have more pictures of Lil Miss Anna Brooke and plenty of our weekend in Houston!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Notice anything new???

Well, we thought we were waiting on baby boy Cason Scott to arrive...well after our doctors appointment Wednesday, we found out that we are expecting a little girl!!! We were totally shocked!!!! Daniel's reaction was priceless to watch, he kept asking Dr. Kumi over and over if he was serious and even jumped up and down at one point. I think I am still in shock over it! On our way back to West Monroe Daniel was saying names that he really liked, those of you who know us know that the name game never goes to well with the two of us...never...but he picked out Anna Brooke and I love it...and so it is...Anna Brooke Davis will be here sometime near the end of February! The ultrasound pictures, that I will get scanned in soon, are priceless...our little baby girl had her legs wide open...a trend that we hope doesn't continue!

On other news, a few weeks ago I moved to West Monroe with Daniel and I am now working in the accounting department at the wire desk at Progressive Bank in Monroe. I am loving it here so far, I do miss seeing my family everyday but being in Vidalia was really hard on me being away from Daniel for so long...we are the opposite of most I think...we tend to fight more if we are apart...we get along if we are together... :)

Daniel says he is hoping and praying that the baby will act like him and not me! HA!!!! I'm sure we will take her just how she comes because I know she will be perfect!

Pictures to come soon!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The big day...

is tomorrow!! We find out what the baby is tomorrow a 2pm!!! I'm sure it's a boy but I still have hope for that little girl! Either way I just want to know for sure!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tagged by Nicki

I was tagged by Nicki for the game of "Six Random Things About Me."

Here are the rules: Link to the person who tagged you, mention the rules, tell six quirky, yet boring & unspectacular things about yourself, tag six other bloggers by linking to them, and then go to each person's blog and leave a comment letting them know they've been tagged.

1. I love to do scrap booking but I can't hardly bring myself to cut a picture. I love to go back and look at old pictures and see things that were in the background. I am getting better but I will do everything possible not to cut a picture!

2. I have to be covered up to fall asleep, I may be hot, but I still must have cover. You can touch me once I'm asleep and I will feel like I have been in an oven, but yet I may feel cold. I joke with Daniel when he says he feels like he is sleeping with an oven and tell him he is because I am baking his Italian Seed!! I also can't fall asleep laying on my hair...I can't stand the feeling of it on my neck or on my face...must be pushed away!

3. I can't stand the sound of a blender. Since 2005 my grandfather has lived with me and all of his food must be liquefied...we have been through several blenders and I am sure many more to come...and the sound of one drives us up a wall!!

4. Someone who taps, clicks or whistles will drive me up a wall in less than a second. I don't know why this drives me nuts but it does. The sound of two styrofoam containers rubbing together also drives me crazy!! I have even pulled over on the highway to put the containers in the trunk of my car so I couldn't hear them. The tapping and clicking...I have been known to just grab something from someone and scare them because they have no idea that I can't stand that sound! It's almost something that I can't control!! (But I'm working on it!)

5. I have to shave my legs everyday...I have no clue how some people can go a day or days or a week without it! Everyone keeps saying "wait until that baby gets here and you will see." but honestly, its one thing I can't see changing, I can't stand the feeling if I don't and I will pretty much be grouchy if I don't get to shave them each morning and sometimes at night...odd thing to make you grouchy huh?! LOL

6. I have lived in the same town for almost 24 years, in 7 different houses. Hopefully I will find a job soon and change this record and finally move to West Monroe with Daniel. I do wonder daily how I will adjust to a faster paced life there and being away from Vidalia. I know there will be a difference in just weekend visits and actually living there, but I'm ready for it!

I think everyone I know has already been I am not tagging anyone!! Yay, huh?!! Unless Daniel wants to write six random things about him...I think he should :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The First....

....of many blogs to come. Between the family and friends that Daniel and I both have this will be a way for everyone to keep up with whats going on while we are waiting on Cason to arrive and to keep everyone posted after his birth! Well, we will know for sure on September 8th if we are having a boy or not...I think we are all convinced that it's a boy though!
I am in the process of looking for a job so I can finally move to West Monroe...hoping and praying something will turn up soon. I do plan to still use my doctor in Natchez and have the baby at Natchez Regional...but we still have a while on that...

Well I just learned that I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to adding pictures to a these are not in the order that I wanted, but at least they finally showed up!!!
This is our most recent ultrasound, August 11, 2008...notice the head? The baby most definately has the Darnell head....ha!!

This is the second ultrasound, done July 15, 2008. This was the most exciting to me since we were finally able to see the heartbead and to barely hear it!
This is the very first, the one where it was dubbed "The Italian Seed"...that was what Daniel first called and it stuck!!