Tuesday, January 27, 2009

February 9, 2009...

...Is the day that Anna will be here!!! I (along with Daniel) would love for her to come sooner but if she decides to stay in there a little longer we at least know the day she will be here!

Yesterday we went to Dr. Kumi...I have dilated to 1 and go back in one week to see if we have made any more progress! Oh, and the best part...Anna weighed 7 pounds yesterday!!!

I am going to try and work until I have Anna...besides wobbling and no longer walking, being very uncomfortable in general the only major problem I am having is my feet swelling...so I guess overall I can't complain!

We took all of Anna's things for the hospital to my parents house this past weekend and some of my things...I still have the last minute things that I use everyday that I can't pack yet...so in case she decides to come early we don't have to worry about forgetting anything for the baby at least!