Friday, April 24, 2009

Update on Anna...

I am back at work and Anna is at home with her Grammy! This morning went so good! She is a trooper to say the least! Anna did great during the test and never cried, only got a little fussy right before it started since she was so hungry! It was amazing for me to watch the stuff they gave her to drink as it went down to her little tummy...then within seconds of them stopping her from drinking you could see it coming back up :( The doctor who did the test said that everything is going where it should and things look good but she does have some reflux. We should hear from Dr. Khanfar next week! I'll keep you posted! Thanks for all the prayers!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Tomorrow Anna will have an upper GI done at St. Francis North in Monroe. We are still having some issues with her reflux and her pediatrician wants to do this test before he makes a decision on what other treatment we can do for her. My mom is coming in tomorrow to keep her after the procedure so I can go back to work since the person who normally relieves me when I'm out of the bank is on vacation. Trust me, I do not want to go back to work but I know I have to! Daniel is also going to go to work after and get as much done as he can!

Also, we found a babysitter for the summer and possibly one for the rest of the year! My friend Casey told me about a girl from Vidalia that she knew and that I knew of but didn't personally know. To make a long story short I called Kelly and she will start after her finals on May 11th! I'm so happy that we found someone and I owe Casey big time for helping me out so much!!!!

I'll post again when I know more results on Anna! She can't have anything to eat after 5 tomorrow morning and she normally eats by at least 6 each morning so I am going to set my clock for 3:45 and try to start waking her up to eat...I know she is going to be one unhappy little camper if she doesn't eat then though! Say a prayer that all goes well for us tomorrow!