Sunday, July 17, 2011

Waiting on baby Lane!

Only 9 days left until baby Lane gets here! I'm on bed rest until he arrives due to high blood pressure so Anna and I will be in Vidalia until after the first of august! Thanks to Casey for telling me about blogger+ for iPhone! Maybe I'll have more time for actual blogging and not just reading blogs!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Daniel's Take on Pregnancy

NOTE: This a post from my loving & very supportive husband, Daniel...I have laughed reading this today...he isn't complaining...he just had to write it all down to get some relief he says! Yes, the pregnancy has been horrible, total opposite of mine with Anna! We find out February 7th if we are having a girl or boy! Enjoy his post!


I felt this was the best place/the only place I could find to post my comments. LOL Well let's get started. I have been telling Denise for awhile that I was going to get on her blog and tell my side of the story on this pregnancy. This first post will be titled............................

Pregnancy Trials and Tribulations!!!!

Before I get stated I want to say that my wife is my best friend, and the most amazing woman I have ever meet. Denise has always been so very sweet to me, and that is why I have to let everyone in on my Trials and Tribulations with this pregnancy. LOL She spoiled me! Okay with that said let's get started.

When Denise was pregnant with Anna she was still living in Vidalia for the first month, and when I saw her she was always in a great mood. When she moved up here with me she was still always happy and smiling. With Anna she had a few bouts of morning sickness, but not as much as everyone told me she would. Needless to say when Anna was growing it was a lot easier on Denise and Me in my eyes at least. Now with Tessa (If it's a girl.) or Lane (If it's a boy.), Denise is having the total opposite kind of pregnancy. The morning/evening/night sickness is horrible, but her little doctor Dr. Anna and Nurse Cookie Monster have been there to pat her on the back through the sickness while I'm at work. (Okay mama? Okay? LOL)

I expected this pregnancy to also bring back the microwavable Mac-n-Cheese, but instead it has welcomed an entire new food....Crackers!! Yes crackers the most annoying food in the world! Why do you ask? Hold on and let me climb onto my soapbox..........Okay here we go!! First things first crackers leave crumbs EVERY WHERE, and for some reason the crackers only taste good while lying on my side of the bed. Second-Why can't they put the crackers in a quieter bag? I am a very light sleeper and when I hear that loud bag it automatically wakes me up out of nice sleep. It never fails I will be having a very nice enjoyable sleep and then I will hear it.LOL Of course the first 20 days I didn't say anything, but on Day 21 I had to tell her "For the love of GOD put them into a Ziploc bag!" This brings me to the Third reason crackers are annoying-They do not seal back up! On weekends when we clean the house I am guaranteed to find at least three sleeves of opened crackers that are stale with only a few crackers out of the bag. This then means I have to go buy more crackers. This then means no sleeping due to crumbs covering my body, the loud bag opening, and having to go and get more dang crackers!!!!!!!LOL Okay I am stepping down and moving on now.

NO MEAT ALLOWED!!! My motto has always been "I don't trust vegetarians! How can you trust someone that does not eat MEAT!" Well I am eating my words on that one. Denise has not been able to eat meat for about 3 weeks now, and let's just say I cannot take it much longer. There are really only a few things to eat without meat. (In my eyes at least.) She is able to eat shrimp, but there are only so many times I can eat shrimp. When I do cook meat for me and Anna I have to grill it outside so the smell doesn't bother her so much. I found out the hard way that I am not allowed to kiss her if there is the slightest smell of meat on my breathe. LOL It is funny thou that she will eat beef stew, but not the beef in it. I almost cried when she told me she wanted the stew I was so happy it is my favorite, but that was also the day I tried to kiss her after eating meat. LOL

CAN'T WIN FOR LOSSING!!! There are way too many stories to go along with this topic so I will just list a few in the last couple of days. I want to clarify again that this pregnancy is not like the first pregnancy. The first had absolutely NO MOOD SWINGS, but this pregnancy has been HELL! My dad told me something along time ago that I always remember when an argument is about to start and that is "Pick your battles very carefully!” I have had to remember that a LOT with this pregnancy. I choose to BOW-OUT before they even start with this pregnancy. (Well at least most of the arguments. Sometimes a man got to stand his ground! Especially with 2 women-a female cat-and a possible 3rd female on the way! I am outnumbered and they can smell weakness! LOL) I learned very quickly that even if I am 100% right about something whether it is how to do something, something I was told to do, and the one that bugs me the most SOMETHING DENISE SAID I am always wrong! LOL I was not made aware that I would need things in WRITING and NOTARIZED to have it set in stone with this pregnancy. For example last night-Anna is sick and Denise's sister Melissa was coming to keep Anna the next morning. I told Denise that I would love to be the one to stay home with Anna until Mel got here so I could get some extra sleep. I then stated “Can I trust you to get to the office at 0800 to open up, and she said I don't know.” Well there is my mistake I did not get an actual "YES" out of her, get it in writing, or notarized. So when my alarm started going off this morning I had Denise tell me to get up for work, I was confused thinking she was the one that was going in. Well then I made another mistake by COMMENTING BACK instead of just getting up and dressed for work. You think I would know better than to make a comment about thinking she was going to the office at 0800, but sadly I did not. My comment was "Is your phone working?" Denise replies "YES!" My reply "Why didn't your alarm clock go off then?" (Big MISTAKE with that comment! It is a good thing she cannot shot flames from her eyes. LOL) Denise replies "I am staying home with Anna until Melissa gets here!" What I really wanted to say "WTF get up and get dressed and go to work!!) What I actually said "Okay Baby! Love You!" LOL. Second- I was going to list another story, but instead I am just going to list a few things that I have no control over and in no way possible is my fault! Here they are:

1.) When you spill your CHICK-FIL-A sauce on your keyboard don't call me over there to help you when you don't need my help. I am a seasoned veteran in this pregnancy, and I know you are mad at spilling it and looking for me to smart off so you can yell at me.

2.) I cannot control the weather outside.

3.) When you turn the thermostat up to 74 in the house because you’re cold before bed, and then yell at me the next morning because it was so hot in the room. NOT MY FAULT.

4.) When you decide you want something to eat so bad and then you eat it and get sick. That is also NOT MY FAULT.

5.) It is not the Pizza Delivery Guy's fault that you only allow one knock at the door instead of a knock and doorbell chime. Also I would rather you yell at me then at another man that is just trying to make a living.

NOTE: I just realized that some people will say "Yes it is your fault you knocked her up!" Well my answer to that is "Touché!"

Well that is all for now I am sure there will be more funny stories about this pregnancy to come. Love you baby with all my heart. Also IT'S GOING TO BE A BOY! LOL

NOTE: These are the views of a loving/loved husband. These posts are in no way allowed to be taken out of context and turned against the husband.

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Daniel Scott Davis