Friday, March 27, 2009

Just for Nicki :)

It has been reported today that I am way behind on my blogging! HA! No, I don't have an excuse, I have just simply been enjoying my precious little princess! I go back to work a week from Wednesday and I am dreading it more than anything. We are in Houston this weekend and were in Vidalia last until I get back home and get settled back in I'll leave a picture from our photo session last week in Gilbert at the Tulip Farm...and we should have our disc soon and I'll upload the rest of the photos...or you can go check out our awesome photographers website with the instructions below. I guess I should say the blog will get updated as soon as I finish all my thank you notes huh? Yes, I'm slacking big time. But it's crunch time now and I promise it will get done!

To view the proofs from the Tulip Farm photo session:
In the bottom right corner click proofs.
In the next page select Portraits and then view the Album titled Anna (the first album is titled Dylan, which is Anna's cousin who was there to take pictures also! Feel free to look!)