Monday, March 9, 2009

One Month Old!

This past week has been very hectic. I have been back and forth between West Monroe and Vidalia while my parents were in Alabama with my grandpa who passed away a week ago today. I made it back to West Monroe Friday night and to no surprise I was running way behind so Ms. Diane (Me-Me) offered to bathe and dress Anna up for the wake that night. She also had time to get a mini photo session done!

My favorite!

Also my favorite!

Anna and I...looks like she was looking at the camera!

Dylan (Anna's cousin) asked where her belly button went...a few weeks ago when the cord was still on he saw it and was real worried about her belly was soooo cute!

Anna and her daddy! I love seeing these two together!

Anna's prince :)

Also, Anna stayed away for the first time Friday night with her Me-Me and PawPaw so I didn't have to get up and down that night and could make it on time to my grandpa's funeral Saturday morning. I had to pick on Ms. Diane and tell her today that Anna is up side down in her wedge! Thankfully she can take a joke and laughed too! I didn't get to sleep in Saturday but I enjoyed my nights rest more than they know!

Me-Me burping Anna...she looks so out of

Anna and Paw Paw...after her bath

Did I tell you Anna has a personal shopper? Yes, her Me-Me loves to shop! Anna now has more shoes than I do! These are her new pink sandals that are precious! She has such long skinny feet and the only shoes we can get to fit are the baby deer shoes.

These are the white dress shoes that she wore Friday night also...I thought they were perfect! Who knew having a little girl could be so much fun!
Other 1 month info:
Anna finally gained a little weight...she has been battling her reflux and the medicine seems to be helping a lot and we changed her formula yesterday and she surprised me and slept for 6 whole hours last night, got up to eat then slept for five more hours! Oh how that little girl knows her momma loves to sleep! She was exactly 8 pounds last week at the doctor and 21 inches long. She is super alert and loves to hold her head up and is super nosy! (no clue where she gets it from! HA!) Tonight we put her in her baby Bjorn carrier since she was sleepy and nosy at the same time...she loved it, and I loved that she was out in a few minutes!
Clingy (our cat) is slowly coming around...she is no longer hissing at us or Anna...really doesn't acknowledge that Anna is even in the room. I think she finally realized that Anna isn't leaving so she might as well get used to it. She did leave me a nice surprise when I got back from Vidalia this week...she chewed and shredded Anna's bath sponge! So now Anna is bathing in her big girl bathtub!