Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tons of pictures....(updated)

Figured that I would list who and what all of these pictures were....
This is my friend Tiffany's youngest daughter, (of 5) and she two months older than Anna...they were both asleep on me! Daniel and his two girls :) Anna and our cat Clingy.
Anna was a few days old here, she was holding her head up looking around while we were still in Vidalia the week she was born...and she fell asleep with her head in Daniel's hand!
Daniel and his little angel! We loved her in brown and pink...at this time we thought she was going to have Daniel's italian skin...little did we know we had a yellow baby and once the jaundice was gone that we would have us another white white girl in our house!! ha!
This is Bailey Burley and Anna, Bailey was holding Anna for the first time in the hospital! Bailey and her mom Ann were also the first ones to keep Anna besides our family...Daniel and I went out to eat and to Walmart of all places and then rushed back to see our baby...felt like we were gone for hours! Her cord also fell off while she was with the Burley's!
This is Anna's going home outfit. I wish now that we would have had someone to document more of this day. Dr. Kumi came in and released me a whole day early and we were thankful he did let us go but I wasn't up to getting her all dressed up and posing for pictures! Notice her dress has Go Tigers on it! Thankfully the dress still fits so maybe this weekend I can take her to Me-Me's for a picture session...and to meet the Easter Bunny!! This is my dad holding Anna for the first time! He was at the hospital first thing the day after she was born, besides Daniel and I, he was the first to hold her!

My sister, Melissa holding her for the first time!
My mom aka Grammy holding her for the first time also.
This is Anna's cat sister, Clingy. Clingy hated Anna at first...literally....constantly hissed at us and the baby. She was only about 10 months old when Anna was born so she was used to being our baby! Don't worry, this picture was taken way before Anna was born, Clingy does not sleep in the crib, she did get caught in there after she snuck in the room and caught her a nap in Anna's baby bed! Guess she was making sure it was ok for the baby! HA! I couldn't resist getting the picture! Now Clingy has adjusted to Anna, I wouldn't say she loves her but she tolerates her being in our house. I have several pictures on my cell phone of me holding Anna and Clingy in the early mornings...she makes sure to make her way to me while I'm feeding Anna in the early mornings for some early morning loving!!

Hard Week

So this is the week that I have not looked forward too. Monday was my first day back to work. We had planned on Daniel keeping Anna at his office and if he had to go out of town for work that we could work out arrangements for Anna with family members...well Monday he had to go out of town and Anna went to Vidalia...without us :(

Work for me was work....felt like I had forgot everything, couldn't wait to get off...but wait...my baby wasn't home waiting on me. Daniel got home shortly after I did and we both realized real fast that although we enjoyed the quite time, we really missed our little princess. BAD!!!

Late last night I sent a text to my mom, dad and sister and said I need pictures ASAP! My crazy parents took a picture of themselves and sent it to me!! They did send me two pictures of Anna sleeping on my daddy but I opened the one of them first and cracked up! They are crazy!!

I called and talked to Anna this morning...she is keeping her grammy on her toes...between my mom going to bed late and Anna getting up not long after she went to bed wanting to talk and play and by the time they fell back asleep, moms cat wanted in and then my dad got up at 3 am to go to work...not much sleeping happening at Grammys last night!

The worst part of it all is that Anna is there all week! They wanted her for more than a night and I did have strep throat this weekend (thanks to Dr. Me-Me for getting me well!) so the extra rest has been nice especially since I am used to sleeping when the baby sleeps during the day it made for a long day at work yesterday! I'm heading to Vidalia Thursday after I get off work...and Daniel is leaving for a much needed camping and fishing trip with his brothers, dad and grandpa.

I read today about my friend Casey dealing with the first week of daycare and I know I will be in the same shape if Anna ever has to go! I don't gamble but I'm tempted to start wishing that I could win the lottery so I could stay home with my princess!!

Stay tuned to see how we survive...who knew you could become so attached to something so fast huh? :)