Saturday, November 15, 2008

Things I Do Not Want To Forget!

So I have been thinking that I have not made a list of things that I have experienced...good and bad...about being pregnant. I never really asked my mom much about when she was pregnant until I became pregnant, and now she remembers some but mostly I get "I really don't remember"...LOL She does remember being sick every single day, not liking my daddy, not liking her beloved coffee or diet coke and not wanting to smoke back then. She also remembers that at the hospital after my birth she put my diaper on wrong, with the plastic side to my skin and then after looking at me for a while decided it just didn't look right! I guess I was the experimental child...and I turned out just fine, or at least I think so! HA! So back to my purpose of this blog, it is just random thoughts that I am going to write as they come to me tonight about my journey so far. In case you didn't notice the counter, today we are exactly 100 days away from our due date!! She will be here before we know it!!

  • The night I found out I was pregnant I couldn't get Daniel to answer his phone (ok, so it was after midnight) I decided to take the home pregnancy test around midnight and not wait until first thing that was like the box was just sitting there screaming "take the test now" I did...and almost fell off the toilet when it immediately showed pregnant in the digital window!! I called Daniel several times and finally left him a voice mail or text (can't remember which) and told him he needed to call me ASAP. He finally called me a little before five that morning and for some reason I was scared to tell him, all the feelings of I want to tell him right this minute left and I almost never got the words "I'm pregnant" out of my mouth!! I think I finally said something like "I have something to tell you but I'm not sure if you are going to think it is good or bad news...and then I had a long pause while he is saying "just tell me" I did and he says he sat straight up in the about an early morning wake up call huh? He asked was I sure and I told him that the test said so but that I did have another one and I took it while I was on the phone with him and sure enough the results were the same as the first. He told his parents early that morning and I told my mom later on that day and she called to tell my dad who was out of town working.
  • We saw Dr. Kumi for the first time on July 2, 2008 There has never been a doubt in my mind that I wanted to use him as my doctor, he has been great and I am still going to drive the two hours back to Natchez to deliver! We were not able to see a heartbeat so he had us to come back on July 15, 2008 to make sure everything was ok. On that first appointment we got the ultrasound pictures and it just looked like a little circle...and that is where the name "The Italian Seed" came from, Daniel has called her that since that very day!
  • Before I moved to West Monroe, Daniel would drive all the way to Natchez for our appointments and most days he had to leave as soon as they were over, which means about 4 hours total driving time, but it meant the world to me that he was able to come with me and take part of this journey of watching our baby grow!
  • My favorite doctors appointment has been when Dr. Kumi told us we were having a girl. On our way to Natchez Daniel and I were talking and out of no where he said "I kinda hope it is a girl", which is something I totally didn't expect to hear from h im, after all, he does have three brothers, and one of his brothers has a son so I assumed he would want a boy as well (and it is what everyone thought we would have). He kept asking Dr. Kumi "are you sure it is a girl??" Finally Dr. Kumi said, "yes, as serious as a heart attack gets"...Daniel just jumped up and down. From that point on he was ready for the ultrasound and appointment to just be over with so he could call his family and tell them! He called his mom at work to tell her first and I called my daddy first because he was the one that has said it would be a girl from the very first day.
  • Each time we go to the doctor I always ask "is it still a girl" (we get an ultrasound at each appointment), I guess I am just terrified of painting everything pink and purple and having to bring a boy home!! HA!
  • In the early part of June, I was planning on going on vacation with my friends Michael and Ann Burley and their two kids Rex and Bailey to Florida, which would have also been my first time to see the beach! Well I had this "stomach virus" that wouldn't go away. I had went back to work part time at the bank in Vidalia to help them while they were short handed and I got so sick one afternoon I had to call my sister to come pick me up. I would get better by each night but the mornings would roll around and that "stomach bug" would flare up full force again! I would sleep until lunch time, take my time getting around and then finally start feeling somewhat human again! I wasn't sure if you could catch the flu in June but I was convinced I had something horrible!! My sister ended up going on the beach trip for me and Ann's dad told her nothing was wrong I was just pregnant...Ann laughed and told her no way, that they had done told me that most likely would never happen...little did we all know that Mr. Carr was right!!
  • Pork chops and bacon have always been one of my favorite foods. Until recently, like in the last month, I haven't been able to stomach the smell of bacon and I still can't handle the smell of pork chops!
  • My taste buds have changed, I think it is way too many things to list them all but some of my favorites have been: rice crispy treats, oranges, BBQ West in West Monroe, Taco Bell nachos, sweet tea and ice cold water...just to name my top favorites
  • My parents/sister have two cats at their house, Sassie (the devil) and Boo (the old paw paw). Sassie is like a snake, she attacks and goes to matter who you are, she must love the taste of blood b/c she sure brings it out on a lot of people. Ever since I have known I was pregnant (and even before now that I think of it) Sassie has kneaded my stomach and loved to lay on me any chance I sit down. Last night when I got to Vidalia she immediately got in my lap when I sat down and even slept on my stomach while I napped in Daddy's recliner for a few hours :)
  • I wish I would have wrote down the day I felt Anna kick for the first time, but to be a 100% honest with you...I wasn't sure if I was first having gas pains or if it was indeed her kicking. But now there is no doubt in my mind when she kicks, currently her favorite place to kick is also one of my most ticklish, my belly button. In the last week I have been able to tell that she has grown, well at least I guess she has, but in stead of just kicks I feel a turning feeling and I might add it is the coolest feeling in the world to be able to feel her move.
  • I can't wait for Daniel to be able to feel her. It is hard for me to tell if what I feel on the outside is real or did I just feel it from the inside and thought I felt it b/c my hand was there. But I can guarantee you each time I want Daniel to feel and put his hand on my stomach and say feel her, she stops like she wasn't doing a thing! She definitely has a mind of her own like her momma!! HA!!
  • Anna is most active in the afternoons before I eat lunch and then about an hour or so afterwards and then either she is calm or I am just to focused to know that she is moving while I am working since the afternoons are normally my busiest time. Some nights I love to lay in the bed on my back, once I get still in one position for a while and place my hands on my stomach and kinda press in around my belly she will get mad at me and really start moving!
  • I am so glad Ms. Diane loves to shop, because one thing that I lost when I got pregnant was my energy...not saying I had a ton before, but it is all gone now. I think I would be quite content if I could just sleep for the next three months...and yes, I know I can just keep on dreaming! Ms. Diane has bought so much already, and I'm going to try and hold off until after Christmas before I buy anything...TRY is the key word there!! Ms. Diane is even way ahead of the game, she already has Anna's crib set up and ready to go at her house!! I'm sure in the next month or so we will begin to get ours all together!
  • So far I have several LSU onezies that Ann Burley gave us in those first few weeks of pregnancy and two LSU dresses I bought at the flea market during the Balloon Festival Weekend in Natchez...they are adorable! Ann also gave me her baby monitors today, they are awesome...I am just praying now that I will not be such a dead sleeper like I am now so that I will hear her!! Daniel says he is sure the monitor will be on his side of the bed and not mine!!
  • I don't know my exact weight gain (only b/c I can't remember it) but I think I have only gained 9 pounds so far. I go back on my birthday on the 24th of this month and I have a good feeling I will reach over and beyond that 10 pound mark! HA HA!
  • Oh, did I mention I can't remember anything...its really frustrating trying to hold a conversation at times...I have always been a little on the scatter brained side, but now I think I have no brains left at all!!
  • And I'm not sure if I have said this enough but I am so thankful for Daniel. I couldn't ask for a better man!! He will eat anything I cook and tell me its good, even if its not...and he normally will eat it until its gone b/c he will not throw anything out! HA! He doesn't like to shop, correction, he does not shop for his clothes and is not picky about what I buy him to wear, he even wore a pink shirt this week and looked mighty handsome in it too!! (The ladies at Rays Pee Gee's thought so too!! HA!) If I don't feel like cleaning (which has been more now than ever) he doesn't complain. He will do laundry, including the folding and putting it all up too! He lets me cry, complain and gripe and doesn't fuss, and he is normally what it takes to calm me and these outrageous hormones of mine down, some how or another he always convinces me it is going to be ok, and he is pretty much right each time! I know I have been on his last nerve and beyond it many times and where some men would have walked out he has stood there by me and dealt with it all! I couldn't ask for anyone better to love or to be loved by and I am so lucky that I know without a doubt he will always be there for Anna and I. He has felt her move once (we think it was her and not and he already loves her as much as I do...I know sometimes they say it takes a dad seeing the baby to get in the Dad mode, not Daniel, he is in full swing and is just as excited as I am to see this little miracle growing in me!

I didn't get near as much done on the blog as I wanted, and I am sure I will have another rambling post again soon as I think of things (and hopefully don't forget them)!

So enjoy this for now!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Look...

I was reading Brittney's blog today and saw she had added a background to hers. I saw the link and decided to see what I could do...I'm not quite sure if I like it yet but I'm going to leave it for a few days to see if it is what I really want before I change it! I also added a few new things on the side...the followers link being one...I'm just figuring that one out!

I'm going to Vidalia for the weekend...maybe I'll have time to write more while I'm there!