Tuesday, January 6, 2009

33 weeks and counting....

Yesterday I went for my first and last of the two week appointments...I'm going to start going every week since Anna is so low already. So far she weighs 4 lbs and 14 oz, and I gained a whole six pounds...making it 11 total that I have gained. The nurse said it is most likely water weight, but Daniel and I agree, my appetite has picked up drastically in the last two weeks so it might not be all water! LOL!

I will be back in Natchez to see Dr. Kumi again on Monday the 12th and see how things are going with baby girl!

Also, yesterday Anna kept her face completely covered, we only got to see her arms, legs, feet, rib cage, spine and watched and listened to her heart beat for a good while! Daniel says she knows how our families are with the cameras and she is already hiding from it! Baby girl better get ready, she will have a camera in her face from day 1!!!

My mom came to town last week and bought the stroller and car seat that we had picked out and then decided to buy a swing and bouncer that is all in one, and they all match! So far, Anna's big sister (aka Clingy the cat) loves the basket on the stroller! Daniel's parents also brought by the travel pack n play that they had bought for us and it is all set up and ready for Anna when she gets here! Our shower is next weekend so I am sure we will have more stuff to put up afterwards!