Thursday, September 11, 2008

Notice anything new???

Well, we thought we were waiting on baby boy Cason Scott to arrive...well after our doctors appointment Wednesday, we found out that we are expecting a little girl!!! We were totally shocked!!!! Daniel's reaction was priceless to watch, he kept asking Dr. Kumi over and over if he was serious and even jumped up and down at one point. I think I am still in shock over it! On our way back to West Monroe Daniel was saying names that he really liked, those of you who know us know that the name game never goes to well with the two of us...never...but he picked out Anna Brooke and I love it...and so it is...Anna Brooke Davis will be here sometime near the end of February! The ultrasound pictures, that I will get scanned in soon, are priceless...our little baby girl had her legs wide open...a trend that we hope doesn't continue!

On other news, a few weeks ago I moved to West Monroe with Daniel and I am now working in the accounting department at the wire desk at Progressive Bank in Monroe. I am loving it here so far, I do miss seeing my family everyday but being in Vidalia was really hard on me being away from Daniel for so long...we are the opposite of most I think...we tend to fight more if we are apart...we get along if we are together... :)

Daniel says he is hoping and praying that the baby will act like him and not me! HA!!!! I'm sure we will take her just how she comes because I know she will be perfect!

Pictures to come soon!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The big day...

is tomorrow!! We find out what the baby is tomorrow a 2pm!!! I'm sure it's a boy but I still have hope for that little girl! Either way I just want to know for sure!