Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Quiz

1. Where will you spend Christmas this year?
Not sure exactly how it will all work out, lots of traveling and lots of houses...Christmas morning is spent at Daniel's parents house with his parents and brothers and that night is also at his parent's house with his Dad's side of the family...I think Christmas eve is our only problem right now...its always been the day my family does all of our Christmas but it is also the day of his grandmothers Christmas...we are trying to work out something so we can spend more time with my will all work out in the end :)

2. What is Santa (hopefully) bringing you?
If I sit here and wait on Santa I will be waiting for a long long long time...haha

3. How do you celebrate Christmas Eve?
See #1

4. What Christmas activities are you looking forward to this year?
Meeting more of Daniel's family, spending time with my family

5. What is your typical Christmas Day dinner?
Daddy grills rib-eyes

6. What is your typical Christmas Eve meal?
nothing set in stone...

7. Is your Santa Claus wrapped or unwrapped?
well my family wraps...does that count?

8. How do you decorate for Christmas?
Normally I love it...this year I don't even have a tree up yet...all of my stuff is still in Vidalia...

9. Fake tree or live tree?
fake only...a live one kills me

10. White lights or colored lights?
both...I change it up from year to year

11. Favorite Christmas song?
Mary did you know?, All I want for Christmas

12. Favorite Christmas memory?
Every Christmas with my nanny

13. Do you love Christmas or just pretend to?
I do love it, just hate what people have made it into. It's not all about who gets what present and people don't see that anymore.

14. Egg nog or hot chocolate?
Hot chocolate

15. Colored lights or white? See #10

16. What kind of cookies do you leave Santa?
I don't
Cookies do not last in my house....ever

17. Favorite Christmas gift of all time?
Not sure I have a favorite...I have loved them all!

18. What tops your tree?
no tree at the moment...

19. Favorite Christmas movie?
Right now the Santa Clause movies...I have watched them a few times on tv already this year

20. Favorite ornament?
My first christmas ornament...which I need to find

21. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?
Always open everything that day

22. Worst Christmas gift ever received?
not even going there

23. Are you still buying presents on Christmas Eve?
most likely

24. Most annoying thing about the Christmas season?
rude people in the stores and the lines

25. Favorite thing about the Christmas season?
I love to ride and look at the lights around town...spending time with our families
I have so much to catch up on!! The above picture was taken on November 24, at what I thought was just my birthday supper...little did I know that everyone was showing up that night because they ALL knew that Daniel was going to propose to me! For a few weeks before this night, Daniel had been bringing up different things about us getting married but I never knew what it was leading to. I knew that we decided this was something that we would talk about after the baby got here in 2009, and I never caught on to the first hint he dropped, not even the one as we were turning in to the mall parking lot that night.

We went to Vidalia on the 23rd of November so I could see my family and some of my friends for my birthday. While I was sitting inside my parents house with my mom, sister, my friends Crissy and Stephanie, Daniel slipped outside to talk to my daddy. I just assumed we had finally got on his nerves with our laughing and loud talking, little did I know that he was asking my daddy if he could marry me! He also got my mom to walk out on the back porch at one point in the evening so he could have the chance to tell her...he had originally planned all of this to happen at Thanksgiving but at the last minute decided to do it on my birthday.

We stayed in Natchez on the night of the 23rd and that night in the hotel Daniel even told me that he and my dad talked about us getting married...still, not once did I put all of this together! We had our 6 month appointment with Dr. Kumi on my birthday and I also had to do the dreaded glucose test which evidently came out ok since I haven't heard otherwise from the doctor's office. I think it was sometime that morning that he told all of his family that he had decided to ask me that night and give them all the details of where we would be eating at when we got back to town that evening, some of this going on while I am sitting right next to him...I really think pregnancy has killed my brain!!!

About two weeks before all of this is when Daniel had decided that he did want to marry he told his parents first. One day while we were home his mom called me to tell me that she was out shopping and needed my sizes on everything, even my ring size...none of this seemed odd to me because if you know her, you know she loves to shop!!

We made it back to Monroe early so I could get a much needed highlight and haircut...during this time Daniel was out getting a card for me that night to open right before he proposed. At supper that night we had been through the salads and right before our food arrived he kept asking me if I was ready to open my presents..I thought it was odd that by this time he was really in a rush for me to open them (not like him at all) and his reason was he didn't want me to drop food on my shirt because he knew they would be taking pictures (which seemed odd that he was saying this), so I opened presents from everyone and then I got to his card. The card was solid black and had silver writing on the outside that had "Elegant, Classic, Beautiful..." and on the inside said "you" then below it "Happy Birthday" He then wrote "I told you this was going to be the best birthday ever: Your 24th Birthday, 6 months pregnant with Anna, 7 month Anniversary for us and the most important" and at the bottom there was an arrow pointing to turn the paper on the inside over to the next page and it said "Will you marry me?" All I saw was "marry me" and I think I dropped the this time he was down on one knee with a ring box open...I literally quit breathing! Finally he stood up, patted me and told me to breathe and then on the video you hear him say "Well, will you???" Poor thing!! I had never said yes until then...I was still trying to breathe!! I noticed something was up when I got to the last box before the proposal when I looked up and his brother had his cell phone out like he was waiting on something...I was almost scared to keep going...LOL From that moment on everything just clicked...all the past conversations in the last few weeks now made perfect sense to me!! In the video (which I don't have yet), if you listen without sound it looks as if my mom is so excited while she is talking that she is about to fly away...she was talking with her hands...HA! We were both so in shock or some other state that we never touched our food...we brought it all home...and that is not like either one of us!! No date set...all we know is that he wants to get married in front of his parents house during cool maybe next fall...

This is (L to R front) Ms. Diane (Daniel's mom), Me, and on the back behind me (L to R) Lacy (his sister in law) and Krystal (his future sister in law)...taken at Thanksgiving.

Me and My prince charming :)
As far as the baby...she weighed 2 pounds and 6 ounces at our last visit. We go back December 22 for our last monthly appointment with Dr. Kumi and then we start to go every 2 weeks! Time is flying by! I can't wait to get her room painted and the best part of it all is that Ms. Diane got Daniel's baby bed back and we are going to use it for Anna!! Anna is moving around a lot more...especially loves to touch my belly button which is also my most ticklish spot, sleep in a ball on my left side...which feels really weird for me, and is pretty much in a routine now by moving at the same times everyday...she is very active in the late afternoon and late at night when I first go to takes us forever to get situated in bed and then about the time you get to sleep good you have to get up to go to the bathroom!! It's not too bad right now, normally I can sleep till around 4 a.m. before I have to get up. My snoring is awful, I snored before I was pregnant, but now it is just horrible...poor Daniel is a trooper with it!! Daniel says I have sudden out bursts of laughing/giggling in my sleep...I never remember it so I guess either I am dreaming or either Anna has found my belly button again!
We have so much to do this month that I know it will fly by so fast. This coming weekend we are going to New Orleans to watch West Monroe in the State Championship game (hope I got all of that correct!)