Saturday, October 31, 2009

Destin Florida, June 2009

These are some pictures from our trip to Destin FL, for Matt and Krystal's wedding (Daniel's brother)....
She just couldn't figure out the wind!

Rehearsal night...

So beautiful!

The Davis Family...

Daniel and Uncle Steve

We wrote Anna's name in the sand after the wedding!

Me and my lil princess!

Loved, Loved, Loved these shoes!

Anna catching a much needed nap in her stroller on the beach before the wedding ceremony!

L to R
(Daniel, Matthew, Brandon and Chris, all holding up their mom, aka Me-Me)

It has been forever...

I am almost four months past due for an update! Wow...time flies!!

Here is a list of what all we have been through...

  • Our wedding in May

  • Anna started daycare (loves it there)

  • the death of both of my grandfathers, almost 3 months apart

  • Trip to Destin Florida for Daniel's brothers wedding

  • A whole week long vacation in October...and we forgot to take our camera!

  • Enjoying the first part of our vacation as our belated Honeymoon!!

  • Anna has spent several long weekends in Vidalia

  • Trying to keep Anna well! This child has had way more than her share of sickness in the last 4 months

  • I became a Pampered Chef consultant!!!

  • Learned our daycare is closing in May...debated over how to change our life...prayers were answered when a lady who is friends with our current daycare owner asked if she could keep Anna when daycare closes!

  • Anna talking, saying Momma, Da-Da, "at" for cat, bye (in a southern accent), and pa-pa for paw paw...only her me-me has heard her say this!

  • Anna sitting up, scooting and now crawling everywhere! She is into everything!

She had the cutest lil lady bug costume for Halloween...but unfortunately she got sick right before it was time to trick or treat so we didn't get to wear it! We will have a photo shoot soon though!

And...the princess is almost 9 months old! Where does time go????

Most of my pictures are on walgreens cd's...I'm going to work on some picture post...but for now I'll add my favorite from June 13, 2009 on the beach in Destin Florida!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pampered Chef

I'm hosting a Pampered Chef catalog show this week. If you would like to place an order please let me know and I'll send you a link so you can browse online!

I'm also planning on selling Pampered Chef after the 1st of August!

Oh, and an update coming real soon....Today was Anna's first day of real daycare! I'm hoping for a good report when I get there after work!

I have tons of pictures to post (beach trip, our wedding, Anna's uncle Matt's wedding and so much more)...but with a super slow computer at home I haven't had any time for blogging!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


No pictures with this post but I am so behind on blogging that I thought I would do a quick update!

Anna is now 3 months old and growing up so fast! She loves to "talk" and laugh...she knows what she wants and normally isn't happy unless it is her way! I have tons of pictures to upload but can't seem to find the time anymore! I think she has the beginning of her bottom teeth coming in...we have been able to see them forever but here lately she is gnawing on her hands like crazy...or anything she can get in her mouth....and drools and blows bubbles like crazy!!

Clingy has finally decided that she likes Anna....good thing since she was on her way to finding a new home.

We have been back and forth to Vidalia a few times and Anna has even stayed a week with her Grammy! Her great-grandpa (Hayes), my moms dad, finally got to hold her a few weeks ago...they just did their normal staring at each other! Ha!

We are going to Vidalia this weekend. We had originally decided to go visit and Daniel and my mom were super excited about fishing at the Barlow's on Lake Concordia...well yesterday my mom found my grandpa on the floor when she walked in to feed him. It appears that he has had another stroke, although the test are not showing it yet. He is in the hospital at NRMC and hopefully will be moved to the rehab on 5th floor this week. Although he is in the hospital mom still has to feed him, this stroke has caused him to not be able to feed himself anymore, nor can he walk or stand. All of his food has to be in liquid form, we have been blending food up for him for a few years now. The food at the hospital isn't the right consistency so my mom and her sister are still having to prepare his food and feed him. Hopefully Daniel and I can help her our while we are there this weekend!

While we are in town we are going to homecoming Sunday at Calvary...It has been years since I have been there and I am sooo excited!

Oh, and the biggest news....we are getting married on May 23!!!!

We are going to Houston for Memorial day weekend, all of Daniels family will be there and up until my grandpa's episode yesterday, my parents were going to be able to make it for the weekend. Things are kind of uncertain at this point...just taking it day by day. Originally my sister was planning on staying behind to take care of my grandpa's feedings so my parents could come, but now that his speech, and other motor skills have been affected she is unable to take care of him. The ceremony will be nothing big at all...we wanted something simple and casual...Daniel and his groomsmen (his dad and uncle) are wearing khaki shorts and a white shirt and I'm wearing a sundress and my bridesmaids (Daniel's cousin and her daughter) are wearing carpi's and a shirt that match my dress in color...

Oh, and Anna loves her new babysitter Kelly! Thanks again Casey! We owe you big time! Daniel is getting a lot more done at the office without the princess in tow each day!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Update on Anna...

I am back at work and Anna is at home with her Grammy! This morning went so good! She is a trooper to say the least! Anna did great during the test and never cried, only got a little fussy right before it started since she was so hungry! It was amazing for me to watch the stuff they gave her to drink as it went down to her little tummy...then within seconds of them stopping her from drinking you could see it coming back up :( The doctor who did the test said that everything is going where it should and things look good but she does have some reflux. We should hear from Dr. Khanfar next week! I'll keep you posted! Thanks for all the prayers!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Tomorrow Anna will have an upper GI done at St. Francis North in Monroe. We are still having some issues with her reflux and her pediatrician wants to do this test before he makes a decision on what other treatment we can do for her. My mom is coming in tomorrow to keep her after the procedure so I can go back to work since the person who normally relieves me when I'm out of the bank is on vacation. Trust me, I do not want to go back to work but I know I have to! Daniel is also going to go to work after and get as much done as he can!

Also, we found a babysitter for the summer and possibly one for the rest of the year! My friend Casey told me about a girl from Vidalia that she knew and that I knew of but didn't personally know. To make a long story short I called Kelly and she will start after her finals on May 11th! I'm so happy that we found someone and I owe Casey big time for helping me out so much!!!!

I'll post again when I know more results on Anna! She can't have anything to eat after 5 tomorrow morning and she normally eats by at least 6 each morning so I am going to set my clock for 3:45 and try to start waking her up to eat...I know she is going to be one unhappy little camper if she doesn't eat then though! Say a prayer that all goes well for us tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tons of pictures....(updated)

Figured that I would list who and what all of these pictures were....
This is my friend Tiffany's youngest daughter, (of 5) and she two months older than Anna...they were both asleep on me! Daniel and his two girls :) Anna and our cat Clingy.
Anna was a few days old here, she was holding her head up looking around while we were still in Vidalia the week she was born...and she fell asleep with her head in Daniel's hand!
Daniel and his little angel! We loved her in brown and this time we thought she was going to have Daniel's italian skin...little did we know we had a yellow baby and once the jaundice was gone that we would have us another white white girl in our house!! ha!
This is Bailey Burley and Anna, Bailey was holding Anna for the first time in the hospital! Bailey and her mom Ann were also the first ones to keep Anna besides our family...Daniel and I went out to eat and to Walmart of all places and then rushed back to see our baby...felt like we were gone for hours! Her cord also fell off while she was with the Burley's!
This is Anna's going home outfit. I wish now that we would have had someone to document more of this day. Dr. Kumi came in and released me a whole day early and we were thankful he did let us go but I wasn't up to getting her all dressed up and posing for pictures! Notice her dress has Go Tigers on it! Thankfully the dress still fits so maybe this weekend I can take her to Me-Me's for a picture session...and to meet the Easter Bunny!! This is my dad holding Anna for the first time! He was at the hospital first thing the day after she was born, besides Daniel and I, he was the first to hold her!

My sister, Melissa holding her for the first time!
My mom aka Grammy holding her for the first time also.
This is Anna's cat sister, Clingy. Clingy hated Anna at first...literally....constantly hissed at us and the baby. She was only about 10 months old when Anna was born so she was used to being our baby! Don't worry, this picture was taken way before Anna was born, Clingy does not sleep in the crib, she did get caught in there after she snuck in the room and caught her a nap in Anna's baby bed! Guess she was making sure it was ok for the baby! HA! I couldn't resist getting the picture! Now Clingy has adjusted to Anna, I wouldn't say she loves her but she tolerates her being in our house. I have several pictures on my cell phone of me holding Anna and Clingy in the early mornings...she makes sure to make her way to me while I'm feeding Anna in the early mornings for some early morning loving!!

Hard Week

So this is the week that I have not looked forward too. Monday was my first day back to work. We had planned on Daniel keeping Anna at his office and if he had to go out of town for work that we could work out arrangements for Anna with family members...well Monday he had to go out of town and Anna went to Vidalia...without us :(

Work for me was work....felt like I had forgot everything, couldn't wait to get off...but baby wasn't home waiting on me. Daniel got home shortly after I did and we both realized real fast that although we enjoyed the quite time, we really missed our little princess. BAD!!!

Late last night I sent a text to my mom, dad and sister and said I need pictures ASAP! My crazy parents took a picture of themselves and sent it to me!! They did send me two pictures of Anna sleeping on my daddy but I opened the one of them first and cracked up! They are crazy!!

I called and talked to Anna this morning...she is keeping her grammy on her toes...between my mom going to bed late and Anna getting up not long after she went to bed wanting to talk and play and by the time they fell back asleep, moms cat wanted in and then my dad got up at 3 am to go to work...not much sleeping happening at Grammys last night!

The worst part of it all is that Anna is there all week! They wanted her for more than a night and I did have strep throat this weekend (thanks to Dr. Me-Me for getting me well!) so the extra rest has been nice especially since I am used to sleeping when the baby sleeps during the day it made for a long day at work yesterday! I'm heading to Vidalia Thursday after I get off work...and Daniel is leaving for a much needed camping and fishing trip with his brothers, dad and grandpa.

I read today about my friend Casey dealing with the first week of daycare and I know I will be in the same shape if Anna ever has to go! I don't gamble but I'm tempted to start wishing that I could win the lottery so I could stay home with my princess!!

Stay tuned to see how we survive...who knew you could become so attached to something so fast huh? :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Two Peaz Photography

Anna and her cousin Dylan are on Missy Emory's blog! You can go view it at:

Let me know if that link doesn't work!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Just for Nicki :)

It has been reported today that I am way behind on my blogging! HA! No, I don't have an excuse, I have just simply been enjoying my precious little princess! I go back to work a week from Wednesday and I am dreading it more than anything. We are in Houston this weekend and were in Vidalia last until I get back home and get settled back in I'll leave a picture from our photo session last week in Gilbert at the Tulip Farm...and we should have our disc soon and I'll upload the rest of the photos...or you can go check out our awesome photographers website with the instructions below. I guess I should say the blog will get updated as soon as I finish all my thank you notes huh? Yes, I'm slacking big time. But it's crunch time now and I promise it will get done!

To view the proofs from the Tulip Farm photo session:
In the bottom right corner click proofs.
In the next page select Portraits and then view the Album titled Anna (the first album is titled Dylan, which is Anna's cousin who was there to take pictures also! Feel free to look!)

Monday, March 9, 2009

One Month Old!

This past week has been very hectic. I have been back and forth between West Monroe and Vidalia while my parents were in Alabama with my grandpa who passed away a week ago today. I made it back to West Monroe Friday night and to no surprise I was running way behind so Ms. Diane (Me-Me) offered to bathe and dress Anna up for the wake that night. She also had time to get a mini photo session done!

My favorite!

Also my favorite!

Anna and I...looks like she was looking at the camera!

Dylan (Anna's cousin) asked where her belly button went...a few weeks ago when the cord was still on he saw it and was real worried about her belly was soooo cute!

Anna and her daddy! I love seeing these two together!

Anna's prince :)

Also, Anna stayed away for the first time Friday night with her Me-Me and PawPaw so I didn't have to get up and down that night and could make it on time to my grandpa's funeral Saturday morning. I had to pick on Ms. Diane and tell her today that Anna is up side down in her wedge! Thankfully she can take a joke and laughed too! I didn't get to sleep in Saturday but I enjoyed my nights rest more than they know!

Me-Me burping Anna...she looks so out of

Anna and Paw Paw...after her bath

Did I tell you Anna has a personal shopper? Yes, her Me-Me loves to shop! Anna now has more shoes than I do! These are her new pink sandals that are precious! She has such long skinny feet and the only shoes we can get to fit are the baby deer shoes.

These are the white dress shoes that she wore Friday night also...I thought they were perfect! Who knew having a little girl could be so much fun!
Other 1 month info:
Anna finally gained a little weight...she has been battling her reflux and the medicine seems to be helping a lot and we changed her formula yesterday and she surprised me and slept for 6 whole hours last night, got up to eat then slept for five more hours! Oh how that little girl knows her momma loves to sleep! She was exactly 8 pounds last week at the doctor and 21 inches long. She is super alert and loves to hold her head up and is super nosy! (no clue where she gets it from! HA!) Tonight we put her in her baby Bjorn carrier since she was sleepy and nosy at the same time...she loved it, and I loved that she was out in a few minutes!
Clingy (our cat) is slowly coming around...she is no longer hissing at us or Anna...really doesn't acknowledge that Anna is even in the room. I think she finally realized that Anna isn't leaving so she might as well get used to it. She did leave me a nice surprise when I got back from Vidalia this week...she chewed and shredded Anna's bath sponge! So now Anna is bathing in her big girl bathtub!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

More Pics of Anna (2 weeks old)

(Thanks Nicki for her cute outfit...too bad we couldn't get her to open her eyes!)

Anna and Grammy (I think they just woke up!)

Anna and her prince :)

Anna and her mommy

Sweet baby kisses

Look at those eyes!

Always has that mouth open in pictures!

The princess!

Anna talking to her daddy

her bed...

her closet...what girl doesn't need a lot of clothes!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pictures of Anna

Proud Daddy!!

(I can't figure out how to turn these on blogger!)
Anna with my daddy...

My favorite!

Last pictures before Anna!

Me and my daddy...after the

Daniel and Anna

Me Me and Anna