Saturday, October 31, 2009

Destin Florida, June 2009

These are some pictures from our trip to Destin FL, for Matt and Krystal's wedding (Daniel's brother)....
She just couldn't figure out the wind!

Rehearsal night...

So beautiful!

The Davis Family...

Daniel and Uncle Steve

We wrote Anna's name in the sand after the wedding!

Me and my lil princess!

Loved, Loved, Loved these shoes!

Anna catching a much needed nap in her stroller on the beach before the wedding ceremony!

L to R
(Daniel, Matthew, Brandon and Chris, all holding up their mom, aka Me-Me)

It has been forever...

I am almost four months past due for an update! Wow...time flies!!

Here is a list of what all we have been through...

  • Our wedding in May

  • Anna started daycare (loves it there)

  • the death of both of my grandfathers, almost 3 months apart

  • Trip to Destin Florida for Daniel's brothers wedding

  • A whole week long vacation in October...and we forgot to take our camera!

  • Enjoying the first part of our vacation as our belated Honeymoon!!

  • Anna has spent several long weekends in Vidalia

  • Trying to keep Anna well! This child has had way more than her share of sickness in the last 4 months

  • I became a Pampered Chef consultant!!!

  • Learned our daycare is closing in May...debated over how to change our life...prayers were answered when a lady who is friends with our current daycare owner asked if she could keep Anna when daycare closes!

  • Anna talking, saying Momma, Da-Da, "at" for cat, bye (in a southern accent), and pa-pa for paw paw...only her me-me has heard her say this!

  • Anna sitting up, scooting and now crawling everywhere! She is into everything!

She had the cutest lil lady bug costume for Halloween...but unfortunately she got sick right before it was time to trick or treat so we didn't get to wear it! We will have a photo shoot soon though!

And...the princess is almost 9 months old! Where does time go????

Most of my pictures are on walgreens cd's...I'm going to work on some picture post...but for now I'll add my favorite from June 13, 2009 on the beach in Destin Florida!