Friday, December 26, 2008

Please say a prayer...

Sorry, not a post about Anna, but I can't seem to get Ramee and her family out of my mind today....

For most of you from the Concordia Parish area you know Wayne and Ramee Thompson. Ramee and I worked for the same bank, although never at the same time. I remember her working there long before I dreamed of working and later met her and got to know her through our good friend Carolyn Hinson, who we all dearly loved. Tyler Thompson is their son and has been fighting cancer for a few years now. I got a chance to officially meet Tyler while he was in remission and going back to college last year...I keep up with his blog on Caring Bridge and saw that he needed furniture. I had just sold my house and needed to get rid of some and he gladly took it. While still at the bank I received the nicest thank you card from him and one from his mom. From time to time I stop in to check his blog, well I have been slacking lately and logged in last night to find that they were putting him on the ventilator. Things have been critical today according to the blog, please say a prayer for them. You can view their blog at and under visit a site type in tylerthompson all together and it will take you to his page.

Thanks :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

6 Weeks To Go!!

Yesterday we went for our last monthly appointment! Anna weighs 4 pounds and 1 ounce and looks like her daddy! She has Daniel's cheeks and unfortunately has my forehead and chin, or so it looks that way in the 4-D ultrasound. Dr. Kumi says everything looks fine and that he will induce me two weeks before my due date...which means we now only have 6 whole weeks until Miss Priss is here!!! And he says that as of yesterday her expected birth weight is seven pounds two ounces!

While we were gone yesterday to Vidalia, Daniel's dad came over and finished painting her looks amazing! He did such a great job!! Hopefully this week we can get Anna's crib up and start getting everything finished. We are going to use the crib that was Daniel's when he was a baby...I just can't wait to get it all together!

We go back on January 5th for our first two week visit...and have to finish the pre-registration at the hospital while we are in town. Thankfully Ms. Angel called me and took as much information as she could over the phone so that will save us tons of time!

We have so much to do this week...Daniel's family is in town this week and my family will be here for a few hours tomorrow to do Christmas with us...but as soon as I can get an afternoon or night to go sit at Daniel's parents house and play with the scanner over there, I promise then I will have tons of pictures of our little angel up! I also need to do a post so everyone can meet Anna's fur sister, Clingy. Clingy is our kitten who has no idea what so ever that she is a cat...and we are not too sure just how she is going to react to Anna coming home...well actually I don't think she will mind the baby, it will be the sharing her mommy and daddy that she has major issues with!! Lots more on Clingy now...right now her favorite spot has been in the Christmas tree...our poor tree will be retired after this year! More on her later... :)