Wednesday, May 13, 2009


No pictures with this post but I am so behind on blogging that I thought I would do a quick update!

Anna is now 3 months old and growing up so fast! She loves to "talk" and laugh...she knows what she wants and normally isn't happy unless it is her way! I have tons of pictures to upload but can't seem to find the time anymore! I think she has the beginning of her bottom teeth coming in...we have been able to see them forever but here lately she is gnawing on her hands like crazy...or anything she can get in her mouth....and drools and blows bubbles like crazy!!

Clingy has finally decided that she likes Anna....good thing since she was on her way to finding a new home.

We have been back and forth to Vidalia a few times and Anna has even stayed a week with her Grammy! Her great-grandpa (Hayes), my moms dad, finally got to hold her a few weeks ago...they just did their normal staring at each other! Ha!

We are going to Vidalia this weekend. We had originally decided to go visit and Daniel and my mom were super excited about fishing at the Barlow's on Lake Concordia...well yesterday my mom found my grandpa on the floor when she walked in to feed him. It appears that he has had another stroke, although the test are not showing it yet. He is in the hospital at NRMC and hopefully will be moved to the rehab on 5th floor this week. Although he is in the hospital mom still has to feed him, this stroke has caused him to not be able to feed himself anymore, nor can he walk or stand. All of his food has to be in liquid form, we have been blending food up for him for a few years now. The food at the hospital isn't the right consistency so my mom and her sister are still having to prepare his food and feed him. Hopefully Daniel and I can help her our while we are there this weekend!

While we are in town we are going to homecoming Sunday at Calvary...It has been years since I have been there and I am sooo excited!

Oh, and the biggest news....we are getting married on May 23!!!!

We are going to Houston for Memorial day weekend, all of Daniels family will be there and up until my grandpa's episode yesterday, my parents were going to be able to make it for the weekend. Things are kind of uncertain at this point...just taking it day by day. Originally my sister was planning on staying behind to take care of my grandpa's feedings so my parents could come, but now that his speech, and other motor skills have been affected she is unable to take care of him. The ceremony will be nothing big at all...we wanted something simple and casual...Daniel and his groomsmen (his dad and uncle) are wearing khaki shorts and a white shirt and I'm wearing a sundress and my bridesmaids (Daniel's cousin and her daughter) are wearing carpi's and a shirt that match my dress in color...

Oh, and Anna loves her new babysitter Kelly! Thanks again Casey! We owe you big time! Daniel is getting a lot more done at the office without the princess in tow each day!